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Friday, Sept 18, Noon-1:15 pm (Moos Tower 2-690)

Faith and Medicine Lecture

'Do No Harm' & Patient Autonomy:
What to Do When
They Clash

John Patrick, MD
President, Augustine College

 Sponsors MacLaurin/CSF, Program in Human Rights and Health,
Christian Medical & Dental Association

(Free Lunch, all welcome)


Thursday, Nov 5, 12:15-1:15 pm (Room TBA)

Conversations at the End of Life

Angelo Volandes, MD, MPH
Harvard Medical School / Mass General Hospital

Sponsors MacLaurin/CSF, Program in Human Rights and Health


  PHRH Web and Podcasts

Child Labor: A Public Health Perspective

David Parker, MD, MPH (4/3/15)


The Spirituality of Medical Practice: Lessons from Fred (at end of life)

Daniel Sulmasy, MD, PhD (1/23/15)
University of Chicago Schools of Medicine & Divinity


Health Care Rationing: A Debate Surrounded by Misleading Rhetoric?

Bryan Dowd, PhD, Division of Health Policy and Management (10/15/14)

Kirk Allison, PhD, MS, Program in Human Rights and Health

(Health Affairs Blog initial discussion.)


Assisted Suicide and Whose Choice? An Elder Abuse Perspective

Margert Dore, JD, MBA (5/1/14)
Former Chair, ABA Elder Law Committee; President Choice is an Illusion

Comment: Rosalie Kane, PhD
Division of Health Policy and Management


Should Abortion Be Legal?  The Philosophy of Abortion Legislation

Daniel Boonin, PhD (4/11/14)
University of Colorado Boulder

Peter Kreeft, PhD
Boston College


What Has Religion to do with the Practice of Medicine?

Farr Curlin, MD (1/30/14)
Duke University Trent Center for Bioethics & Humanities
Founder of the Program on Medicine and Religion, University of Chicago

{note due to winter storm travel delay, the first half is prior recorded, the second half in person}


Mastering the Maelstrom:
The First Integrated Treatment Program Addressing HIV, Tuberculosis, and Heroin Addiction in Africa

R. Douglas Bruce, MD, MA, MSc (12/2/13)
Yale School of Medicine & School of Public Health


"The Ladder of the Law Has No Top and No Bottom":
How Therapeutic Jurisprudence Can Give Life to International Human Rights
Minnesota Symposium on Applied Disability Studies Keynote Speaker
Michael Perlin, JD (10/11/13) 
New York Law School; Director, NYLS Mental Disability Law Program
Director, International Mental Disability Law Reform Project


Bleeding Syria
Caring for Wounded under Threat of Death, and What You Can Do

M. Anas Moughrabieh, MD (10/9/13)
Syrian American Medical Association / Syrian Expatriates Organization


Education Under Fire (Baha'i Institute for Higher Education)
Comments by journalist Roxana Saberi (4/16//13)


Detecting Awareness in the Vegetative State: Ethical Challenges and Scientific Solutions
Adrian Owen, University of Western Ontario (4/5/13)
Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science;
Department of Psychology, College of Liberal Arts; 
and Center for Bioethics (non-PHRH event of interest)


Progress in Human Rights and Health? Colombia, Argentina, Chile
Diana Quintero, J.D. (2/26/13)
Professor & Director, Universidad Icesi Human Rights Clinic, Cali, Columbia
and Humphrey Human Rights Fellow

* * *

Symposium (11/9/12)

Human Trafficking:
International Perspectives on Policing, Legal and Field Interventions

• Introductory remarks & introductions - Kirk Allison and Willa Gelvick (0:00-5:40)

Trafficking and Policing

• Dr. Veerendra Mishra – India - Crime Investigation Asst. Inspector General, Madhya Pradesh
     "Human Trafficking Challenge to Law Enforcement" (6:15-24:33)

• Viresh Kumar Bhawra – India – Inspector General of Police – Punjab, India
     "Labor Trafficking and Human Smuggling" (25:10-43:30)

     Trafficking and Policing Q & A (43:45-54:00)

Legal and Judicial Approaches

• Amarjargal Davjayev – Mongolia – Exec. Director, Center for Human Rights & Development
     "Mongolia's Legal and Governmental System with a Focus on Prevention,
      Protection, and Prosecution of Human Trafficking" (54:20-1:19:30)
• Judge Philip Acosta Aguinaldo – Philippines – Faculty, Supreme Court Judicial Academy
     "International Perspective on Judicial and Legal Approaches" (1:20:09-1:39:33)

     Legal and Judicial Approaches Q & A (1:39:40-1:45:30)

Trafficking and Field Approaches

• Zohir Navjuvonov – Tajikistan – National Coordinator, International Organization for Migration
     "Human Trafficking: Country-Specific Interventions" (1:45:55-2:06:35)

• Dr. Hari Paudel – Nepal – Joint Secretary, Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare
     "Human Trafficking and Interventions in Nepal" (2:07:07-2:21:10)

• Dr. Kirill Boychenko – Russia – Harvard Carr Center Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery Program
     "Prevention of Human Trafficking in Russia" (2:22:30-2:39:00)

Concluding Round Table Q & A  (2:39:15-3:08:30)

Sponsored by: Program in Human Rights & Health; Human Rights Center; Humphrey International Fellows Program, Global Programs and Strategy Alliance; Institute for Diversity, Equity and Advocacy

* * *

From Waste to Wares:
Upcycling Plastic Bags for International Relief, Aid, Health and Development

Kimberly Golynskiy, MLS (10/23/12)
Principal, upcylcingplastic.weebly.com


African-American Seniors' Perspectives on Advance Care Planning:
A Virtue Ethics Community-Based Approach

Saundra Crump, RN, MSN, PhD
Minnesota Hartford Geriatric Nursing Education Scholar (3/27/12)
Principal, BioEthical Solutions, Inc.


Famine Relief, Prevention and Remittances for the Horn of Africa
Mohamed Idris, MA
Executive Director, American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa (2/28/12)


Most Neglected Among Stigmatizing Tropical Diseases?
Podoconiosis (non-filarial elephantaisis):
A Hidden Disease Leading to Hiddenness

Sara Tomczyk, RN
International Orthodox Christian Charities (5/3/2011)
Public Health Lecturer, Addis Ababa School of Nursing
TOMS Shoes Podoconiosis Initiative Health Project Manager



Cultural Beliefs and Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Namibia
Elizabeth Lightfoot, PhD, MSW
University of Minnesota School of Social Work (4/11/11)


The Gifts of the Body: Organ Procurement for Transplantation
Gilbert Meilaender, PhD
Valparaiso University &
former member of President's Council on Bioethics (11/11/10)
Download, Instaplay


Differing Impacts of Disability on Earnings in China and the USA:
A Policy Effect?

Samuel L Myers, Jr, PhD
Roy Wilkins Professor of Human Relations and Social Justice
University of Minnesota Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs (9/20/10)


A Public Health Journal: Human Rights and Health Care
Ed Ehlinger, MD; Kirk Allison, PhD, MS (7/21/10)


The Philosophy of Abortion - A Debate 
Prof. Peter Kreeft, Boston College Department of Philosophy
Prof. David Boonin, University of Colorado Department of Philosophy


Treatment Behind Bars? Evidence-based Treatment
For Addiction in Correctional Settings: Access, Ethics and Human Rights

R. Douglas Bruce, MD, MS, MSc
Yale University Center for Clinical Investigation (4/5/2010)

Public Interest, Public Health, and Political Hubris:
The Making of Tobacco Litigation and United States v. Philip Morris

Sharon Eubanks, JD
Ms. Eubanks is the former U.S. Justice Department case attorney
(SPH Gaylord Anderson Memorial Lecture, 2/19/2010)


Forgotten No More!
International Human Rights Advocacy for Persons with Mental Disabilities
and the new UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Eric Rosenthal, JD
Executive Director, Mental Disability Rights International (4/17/2009)


Darfur! Responding to a Public Health Disaster
Ashis Brahma, MD
Phoenix Global Humanitarian Foundation (2/11/2009)


Genocide, 'Ethnic Cleansing' & Cloaks of Invisibility
Gregory Stanton, PhD
Executive Director, Genocide Watch &
James Farr Professor of Human Rights, University of Mary Washington (11/19/2008)


Bioethics and Moral Pluralism
H. Tristram Engelhardt, MD, PhD
  Rice University Department of Philosophy,
Mary Faith Marshall, PhD
U of M Center for Medical Humanities and the Arts, Center for Bioethics (4/3/2008)


From Eugenics to Deadly Medicine and Back (Spring 2008)
Medical Apartheid - Harriet Washington (2/28/2008)
Putting Faces to a Faceless Crime: Profiles of Nazi Euthanasia Victims
Patricia Heberer, PhD, US Holocaust Memorial Museum (4/13/2008)
The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Human Heredity and Eugenics
Hans-Walter Schmuhl, PhD, University of Bielefeld (3/27/2008)
Race and Eugenics: Minnesota and the University of Minnesota
Mark Soderstrom, PhD, State University of New York (4/17/2008)
On Surviving Medical Atrocity: Testimony of a Survivor
Margot DeWilde (4/24/2008)


Human Rights, the Burden of Disease, and Internatonal Tobacco Control
Public Health Roundtable (4/27/2007)
John Finnegan & Harry Lando, Carolyn Dressler, Benjamin Mason Meier
Kirk Allison, Doug Blanke, Patricia Lambert


The Body on Display: Controversies and Conversations
Boundaries and Bodies: Cultural and Religious Perspectives
Kirk Allison, Linda Schulte-Sasse,  Lucia M Tanassi,
Terry Nichols, Margaret P Moss, Mary Faith Marshall (7/6/2006) 


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PubH 6801 / 3802 Health and Human Rights ~ Instructor: Kirk Allison, PhD, MS

PubH 6290 International Humanitarian Crisis Simulation ~ Instructors: Kirk Allison, Sarah Kesler, MD
              (with 3-day simulation exercise in Cannon Falls, MN Fri 9/11- Sun 9/13)

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